Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks

Setting up chron jobs will allow Duet to perform all of it's automatic background tasks such as sending status emails and checking incoming email

Some Duet functionality requires a URL to be pinged periodically to work properly. For example, the Reply to Ticket feature requires a URL to be pinged every few minutes to grab new messages and add them into the appropriate discussions.

To set up this functionality, you will need to create a new email address that will only be used for Duet only. This email address shouldn't be used for anything else because emails are deleted by Duet once they are processed. 

  1. Log into an admin account and open the Settings page 

  2. Click on the Scheduled Tasks tab in the Settings page 

  3. This will show two URLs, one for Frequently and one for Daily

    There is currently a minor bug that shows the url as url=scheduledtasks/frequently/yourCode in the application. 

    The url for both chron jobs should have scheduled_tasks with an underscore rather than scheduledtasks as one word. 

    The image above shows the correct spelling but your installation currently omits the underscore.

    Correct:    url=scheduled_tasks/frequently/yourCode
    Incorrect:  url=scheduledtasks/frequently/yourCode
  4. Create a Cron job for the URLs that correspond to functionality you're using. The Frequently URL should be pinged every three minutes, and the Daily URL should be pinged once a day. 

    */3       *      *       *       *       /usr/bin/curl -s -L "http://url/of/frequently?code=XyZty"
    0        12      *       *       *       /usr/bin/curl -s -L "http://url/of/daily?code=XyZty"

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