Outbound Email

Outbound Email

Outbound email is used by the application to send email notifications, invites, or daily digest emails.

The application supports two methods for outbound email - SMTP or Mailgun

Make sure to use a dedicated email address for Duet. Do not use an email address that is being used for anything else



Your SMTP credentials are provided by your host. If your host has cPanel, you can create an email address and obtain smtp credentials all from within the cPanel interface.

Once you've obtained your SMTP credentials, enter them into the email wizard in Duet's settings page.


Open the settings page by clicking the gear icon in the header


Click the Email tab on the settings page to bring up the Email setup wizard


Click the SMTP tab and enter your smtp credentials that you obtained from your host



1. Log into your mailgun account

2. Click the domains tab

3. Click the domain that you'll be sending email from. 

4. Your api key is located on this page

5. Enter your mailgun domain and mailgun api key in the settings wizard (Access the wizard from the setting dropdown on the main header.)

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