You can receive payments via Stripe or PayPal. You can choose which method you would like to use during the installation process.

If you would like to setup payments after you have completed installation, you can do so in the config file.

  1. Log in as an admin, click Misc in the Sidebar, then click Settings. Scroll down to the section titled "CURRENCY & PAYMENTS"

  2. Open the config file and set Payment method to your desired payment method. Valid values are 'paypal' or 'stripe'

  3. Here are the settings you need to change for each service. Only update the values for the service you are using


    If you choose stripe you will also need to set the following config values

    Stripe Secret Key: your stripe secret key
    Stripe Publishable Key: your stripe publishable key


    If you choose paypal you will also need to set the following config values

    Enable Payment Test Mode: false;
    Paypal Business Email:;
    Paypal Language Code: US
    Paypal Currency Code: USD

    Be sure to Enable Payment Test Mode to false when you are ready to go live, otherwise you will not be able to collect payments

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