Client Portal

Enabling client access allows your clients to view project status, view and complete tasks, share files, and participate in discussions

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Centralized location for all of their info

All of your client's information will be located in an easy to use portal, so nothing will ever get lost again.

Clients can:

  • View project status
  • Share and download files.
  • View and complete tasks that are assigned to them (if this feature is enabled)
  • Participate in discussions
  • View all past invoices

Self service

Giving your clients the power to answer their own questions and retrieve project related information on their own, will make your clients happier and more efficient. It also reduces the amount of work you will have to do.

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Share documents and complete tasks

The client portal allows your clients to upload documents and complete tasks that are assigned to them
*If these features are enabled

Make Payments

Clients can pay their invoices online using Stripe or PayPal


No need to remember login information

Clients do not need to remember login information to pay invoices. All they need is the link, which you can send from within Duet or manually via email