Version 2.7.0  (5/10/18)

  • Automatic invoice reminders
  • Daily billing digest email with complete billing summary
  • Improved time entries page with ability to create, edit, and delete time entries. Added notes field to time entries
  • Tax mangement panel on settings page
  • Removed invoice and estimates links from projects that don't have a client
  • Added notification to new client form informing admins that an email will be sent to the new client
  • Removed erroneous cancel button from admin send password dialog
  • Tax mangement panel on settings page

Version 2.6.6  (5/7/18)

Bug Fixes
  • Added missing created_date column in estimates table, preventing new estimates from being created

Version 2.6.5  (4/25/18)

  • Duet WordPress plugin

Version 2.6.4  (3/15/18)

Bug Fixes
  • Admin reset password email error
  • Special characters in agenda view
  • Missing settings from customization panel (theme, logos, and disabling modules)
  • Project filters on project page
  • Payment forms styling issue (unable to see entire form)
  • New user form styling issue
  • Missing company info on invoice

Version 2.6.3  (3/3/18)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed invoice and estimate logged out views

Version 2.6.2  (2/27/18)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed empty state "Create invoice" button
  • Added default send invoice text
  • Fixed client invoice data totals on client pages
  • Fixed client edit form

Version 2.6.1  (2/24/18)

Bug Fixes
  • Fix project count on project page
  • Fix css issues on agenda (text overlapping status indicator)
  • Fix character encoding issue on project page
  • Other minor UI bug fixes

Version 2.6.0  (2/21/18)

  • Inline discussions for all invoices, estimates, tasks, files, etc
  • Improved task slideout
  • Email setup wizard
  • Updated UI

Version 2.5.1  (5/12/17)

  • Create projects that aren't tied to a client
  • Create invoices and estimates that aren't tied to a project
  • Start the task timer with one click, associte the logged time with a task when you're ready
  • Improved dashboard with agenda and overview views
  • Quickly add tasks, create projects, create invoices, and start the timer directly from the dashboard
  • Added My Work section with agenda and an easy way to see all of your logged time (from the task timer)
  • UI improvements

Version 2.5.0

Internal Private Release

Version 2.4.4  (4/20/17)

Bug Fixes
  • Security Update

Version 2.4.3  (10/10/16)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing some invoice items from being deleted from invoices

Version 2.4.2  (9/7/16)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed version number and install script (invoice_details post db steps)

Version 2.4.1  (9/2/16)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing install to fail on systems with MySql strict mode enabled

Version 2.4.0  (8/31/16)

  • Added sidebar, invoice, and login logos
  • Added theme support (7 themes - default, redux, blur blue, blur purple, dark grey, dark blue, and white)
  • Added custom css editor for easier customization
  • Added functionality to allow per invoice customization of terms
  • Added extra per invoice fields for additional company details, client details, and an invoice description
  • Improved settings panel to allow hiding of modules not being used
  • Added ability to create a new client from new project form
  • Added ability to create a new project from new invoice form
  • Added option to choose traditional dashboard or agenda dashboard

Version 2.3.0  (4/5/16)

  • Improved dashboard that makes it easier for each user to manage their tasks, and view recent activity
  • Added an alternative method of sending mail for servers that are unable to send via smtp

Version 2.2.0  (2/28/16)

  • Help button for admins, providing easier access to support
  • A list of next steps after initial installation to help with additional setup for things like email, scheduled tasks, etc.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing welcome email sent to clients even when client emails are turned off
  • Fixed save button text on Estimate editor. 'Done editing invoice' to 'Done editing estimate'
  • Fixed issue in discussion panel causing 'Post Message' button to overlap text.
  • Empty estimate list, changed text from 'no invoices created yet' to 'no estimates created yet'
  • Fixed JS error when selecting Non Taxable for an invoice item in the invoice editor
  • Fixed invoice and estimate emails so that they show the correct currency symbol
  • Replaced all mentions of Invoice on Estimates (i.e. Invoice No to Estimate No)
  • Enabled estimate 'get link' button
  • Fixed JS error when choosing to delete file from the file dropdown

Version 2.1.1  (1/27/16)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug in template file preventing estimates from loading

Version 2.1.0  (1/27/16)

  • Added unpaid filter to slide out invoices list
  • Added button to get public link for invoices on the invoice details page
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing proper recording of paypal payments on recurring invoices
  • Fixed estimate close preview button
  • Re-enabled 'Created project from template' functionality on project templates
  • Fixed auto-generated estimate numbers
  • Fixed issue causing estimates pdfs to be sent to client in Draft status rather than Sent status.
  • Fixed issue causing taxes to disappear from an estimate when is is sent to a client
  • Fixed broken attachment links in newly posted mesages
  • Fixed '+ Task' button so that tasks that are added via this button automatically display in the Kanban view
  • Fixed activity items text for auto generated recurring invoices
  • Fixed date sent and Sent banner on invoices. Draft invoices were displaying as Sent rather than Draft
  • Improved formatting on search results page
  • Fixed progress indicator on project details page, which was always showing 100% complete
  • Fixed overdue invoice calculations on dashboard and reporting section so that draft invoices are not included.
  • Fixed issue preventing default user from being created on some fresh installs
  • Added missing System user image used on auto generated activity items
  • Fixed project notes tab
  • Fixed issue causing multiple status change activity items

Version 2.0.2  (1/13/16)

Bug Fixes
  • Added default date/time to prevent errors with DateTime class
  • Updated task lists to properly handle special characters
  • Updated invoice items to properly handle special characters
  • Added error message to login form when credentials are incorrect
  • Fixed formatting issues with the completed tasks list on the Kanban view
  • Fixed issue causing emails to send twice on non-smtp setups
  • Added 'new project' and 'new estimate' buttons on slide out panel
  • Fixed formatting issues in the discussion view
  • Added settings options to 'clean' html from old messages now that html is no longer supported in discussion panel

Version 2.0.1  (1/9/16)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug in install script preventing database updates on upgrades

Version 2.0.0  (1/7/16)

This is only a partial list of the changes. The full list will be uploaded shortly.

Major Update
  • Bug fixes from v1
  • Added Kanban view for tasks
  • Added recurring invoicing
  • Added ability to reply to messages directly from email
  • Added estimates
  • Added multiple tax rates on invoices
  • Added an improved UX
  • Added customizable/downloadable reports (PDF, CSV)
  • Expanded reporting to include time worked
  • Added ability to update settings directly within the app


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