Invoicing and project management with an integrated client portal

Manage your tasks, invoices, discussions, and client work all in one place

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Duet makes it easy to save money and work more efficiently, with it's one time fee, powerful features, and beautiful design.

 One time fee

Pay the affordable one time fee and you own the software forever. No additional costs.

 Everything you need

Plan, collaborate, organize, and get paid. Duet has everything you need to manage your projects.

 Intuitive interface

Designed for ease of use, Duet's intuitive interface makes it easy to use with no training.

Task Management
Kanban Boards or Task Lists

Keep your tasks organized with Duet's built in Kanban Boards or Task Lists. Assign tasks to team members or clients, attach files, and update project status.

Time Tracking

The built in task timer makes it easy to keep track of your work and bill clients accurately.

Invoicing & Payments
Flexible Invoice Builder

The visual invoice builder makes it easy to issue invoices. Import tasks, manage tax rates, and get paid.

Integrated Payments

Get paid quickly using Paypal or Stripe. Automatic email notifications let you know when your invoices have been paid.

Team & Client Collaboration
Discussions, File, & Notifications

Collaborate with your team and clients using built in project discussions. Share files on projects, messages, and tasks. Get notified about new activity on you projects.

Client Portal

Give you client's access to Duet to keep track of project status, participate in discussions, and pay invoices.

Wait! I didn't quite get this…

Why do I need this?

With Duet's low one time fee, you will save hundreds of dollars on the monthly fees that you would spend using a different app.

How is this better?

Duet has all the features of other project management apps but your data is securely stored on your private server.

Is it easy to setup?

Absolutely! Duet has a simple installation wizard that guides you through the entire process, which only takes 5-10 minutes