Self hosted project management, invoicing, and collaboration.

Everything you need to run your business, installed on your own server, with no monthly costs

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Running a business is challenging...

Keeping up with all the moving parts is time consuming. Especially if you use several different apps for work. Duet eliminates these challenges by providing a single integrated set of tools for managing projects, getting paid, and collaborating with your team and clients.


Automate tedious processes and save time

Duet automates some of the most tedious aspects of running a business. It keeps your work organized and provides instant visibility into project status, while also enabling fluid and on-topic team and client communication.
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100% private and secure.

No one should have access to your projects and tasks except for you and the people you choose to share that information with. No one should have access to your customer list or your billing information. With Duet, all of your information stays private and secure on your server. We do not have access to any of it, and that’s how it should be.

Step 1
Upload the Duet files to your server
Step 2
Follow the steps in the install wizard
Step 3
That's it, you're done. Log in and rejoice!
Easy Installation

You'll be up and running in minutes with a simple installation process

Basic installation can be completed in under 10 minutes. Simply upload Duet to your server and follow the prompts in the wizard. If you get stuck, we're happy to perform the install for you.

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Installation Wizard

All you need is your database credentials.
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Stay up to date

Duet is is being actively improved. Sign up and get notified about updates and our plans for the future