Getting paid is easier than ever

Recurring Invoicing

Automatically send invoices on a schedule. Have a client that needs to pay every two weeks? No problem, just set up a recurring invoice and Duet will generate and send an invoice every two weeks.

Send Estimates

Sometimes you're not ready to send an invoice yet. Send an estimate instead and when your client approves the estimate, Duet can automatically generate and send an invoice.

Multiple Tax Rates

Live in a country or state with multiple tax rates? Duet can handle even the most complicated tax scheme.

More ways to stay organized & collaborate

Kanban Boards

Now you can choose between the traditional list view for tasks or use Kanban boards

Flexible Reporting

Need to figure out how much time a specific user logged on a specific project? Or how much many payments were received between a two dates? Duet's customizable and downloadable reports have you covered.

Improved Messaging

Messages come directly to your inbox and you no longer need to log in to reply; Just reply to the email notification and your message is automatically logged in Duet and sent to everyone on the project

Clients don't need to log in to pay or communicate

It's even easier for clients to pay. They just click the link in their email and enter their payment info. No more logging in unless they want to.

Match your brand & customize the interface


Now you can brand Duet by adding your logo in the app, on the invoices, and customizing the color scheme match your business.

Customize Invoices

Add custom information to each individual invoice. This is especially great for countries with very specific invoicing laws and regulations.

CSS Editor

Change the look directly in the app. No need to mess with css or source code.


Choose from 7 beautiful themes or create your own.

Disable Modules

Only need some of the functionality? No problem. Disable any modules you're not using in the settings manager.

It's easier to use & even more intuitive

Better User Interface

The entire user interface has been redesigned to make Duet more organized, intuitive, and easier to use. There's no learning curve because everything works exactly the way expect it to.

No more settings files

Now settings can be changed directly within Duet. No more editing and uploading settings files.

Thousands of businesses are already using Duet to run their business. Join them.

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