Creating Tasks

There are two ways to create a task. The first is to create the task directly in the task list. This is by far the quickest method. The second way is to use the task form.

Creating tasks in the task list

To create a task, place your cursor in the list and just start typing in on one of the lines.

Using the task list
Assigning Tasks

You can quickly re-assign the task to another user buy clicking the name of the currently assigned user. This will bring up a popup where you can choose the new user

Creating a task from the task form

Using the form is a much slower way to create tasks, but it allows you to add more details to the task Click the '+ Task' button in the tasks panel of the project view. To access this button, open a project, then click the 'Tasks' button at the top of the project and you will see the '+ Task' button.

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